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• 1965
Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on 1 October 1965 to Mr. Nnayelu Anieke and Mrs. Regina Mgbaho Omnoma Anieke (Udoka Ezibgo Nne).

• 1971
Enrolls for elementary education at Umumba Ndiagu Community Primary School, Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State.

• 1976 – 1981
Studies at Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

• 1989
Earns a 1st Degree in Education English at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

• 1989 – 1990 Teaches English at Sacred Heart Junior Seminary, Nsude, Enugu State.

• 1990 Teaches English at Spiritual Year Seminary, Imezi Owa.

• 1993 – 1994
Earns a Bachelor of Philosophy at Seat of Wisdom Seminary, Owerri, an affiliate of Urban University, Rome.

Receives best student award at Seat of Wisdom Seminary, Owerri.

• 1994 – 1995
Apostolic work at Ugwuomu, Nike

• 1995 – 1996
Studies at Seat of Wisdom Major Seminary – beginning of Theological Studies

• 1996 - 2000
Studies and earns a Master of Theology at University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Receives a first class award for Master of Theology, Innsbruck.

Ordained Catholic Priest by Most Rev. Dr. A. O. Gbuji, Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

• 2000 – 2004
Serves as Assistant Parish Priest, Windhaag b. Perg, Austria.

Establishes four (4) Nursery Schools in Ezeagu Local Government Area, Enugu State.

• 2004
Earns a Master of Philosophy (English and American Literature) at University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Receives a first class award for Master of Philosophy, Innsbruck.

• 2005
Earns a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (English and American Literature) at University of Innsbruck/Bath Language School, United Kingdom.

Works under Prof. Wolfgang Zach and Prof. Herman Real.

Receives a first class award for PhD at Innsbruck.

Serves as Chaplain at Mitterkirchen, Austria.

• 2006
Serves as Provost of Institute of Ecumenical Education, Enugu.

Establishes the Austrian Centre for Social Welfare and Research for giving movement aids and funds to the handicapped.

Establishes a Scholarship Scheme for poor and needy students.

Establishes Peter Natter Farms for crop and animal production.

Serves as Grand Patron of Nigerian Scout Movement.

Serves a Visiting Professor of English at Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).

Serves as Director of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Primary Schools (Ngbo – Abakaliki and Enugu).

• 2007
Serves as Professor of English at Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

Funds the English Language Association of Nigeria to promote English Language Teaching.

• 2008
Receives a Honourary Citizen of Mitterkirchen, Austria.

Serves as a Member of NUC Accreditation Panel.

Builds Godfrey Okoye University Community Health Centre at Ugwuomu, Nike and Anike, Umumba Ndiagu.

Establishes Godfrey Okoye University for the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Serves as Chaplain at Omnium Santorum Chaplaincy, Thinkers Corner, Enugu.

• 2011
Serves as Grand Patron of Police Community Relation Committee, Ezeagu Division.

Receives Ambassador of Peace award and a Traditional Title as Ezeudo Gburu Gburu I of Enugu State.

• 2009 - Date
Currently, the Vice Chancellor and Professor of English at Godfrey Okoye University.

• 2016 - Date
Founded the Institute of Achebe Studies.

• 2016 - Date
Serves as an Advisor in the Advisory Board of Reverse Migration. Currently honored with the title Reverse Migration Ambassador by the Board of Directors, Reverse Migration.


Events, Extracts & News

The Authority Feb 24, 2017- Rev. Fr. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke, The Authority ICON 

Punch Feb 26, 2017- GOU VC: Researchers discover fake yam flour in Nigerian markets 

Vanguard Feb 23, 2017- GOU VC: GOU gives scholarships to 19 Northern students 

The Guardian Feb 23, 2017- GOU VC: Vice Chancellor seeks inclusion of private varsities in TETFund 

Godfrey Okoye University held its 8th matriculation ceremony on 20 January, 2017 The matriculation speech of the VC on the 8th matriculation ceremony 

If you ask me today the root cause of falling standards in our departments and faculties and the reason for an undisguised lack of academic vigour among younger scholars, I will wrestle it down to one point: complete abandonment of the tool of academic mentoring.- Dusting off the Academic Tool of Mentoring in Our University 

"If you have the brain to make a first class, why do you want to make a second classupper division? And if you are smart enough for a second class upper division, why do you desire a lower one?" (Prof Anieke)

"Our world holds great promises for multitalented persons" (Prof Anieke)

"Modern university education has its foundation in the Church"(Prof Anieke)

Daily Times Jan 21, 2016- GOU VC: Govt can't continue to fund education 

The News Dec 6, 2015- Prof Anieke: GOU research team continue to identify the specific problems facing the society with a view to finding solutions to them. 

Sun News Oct 13, 2015- VC speaks on what NUC full operational license means to Godfrey Okoye University 

Daily Post Jun 15, 2015- Rev Fr. Prof Anieke:Ugwuanyi will be one of the greatest Enugu Governors 

Biotech Achievers’ Award was presented to Rev. Prof. Dr Christian Anieke by the Biotechnology Society of Nigeria on the 10th of October 2016 Awards 

"So my journey started."... Thinkers Magazine of GOUSS interviews VC of GO Uni